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This can be You!

Ambrosia Sail & Dive Charters offers Ocean loving people of all ages an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing yet interesting Sailing and /or Diving experience. Even if you've never been on a boat in your life, Ambrosia Charters can show you how it all works. Our easy going attitude lets you get a hands on chance to steer or drop the anchor. A minimum of Sail hosting is also a great learning experience that builds sailing confidence or offers practice to the more experienced Sailors. Astro Navigation is practiced daily to keep the needed skills sharp, and your invited to learn the knowhow.

Who we are!

Captain Scotty and First mate Debra are US American citizens that traveled the Atlantic from Florida to the Caymans, Martinique, Granada, and many spots in-between. Scuba Diving is one of thier passions and is practiced on all trips. Daily Sailing is done in six to eight hour segments leaving lots of time to Anchor in beautiful coves or exotic ports.

Captain Scotty & First Mate Debra

Most trips take two weeks but one way, one week trips are also a great way to feel that open ocean sensation. Ambrosia Charters makes Transatlantic sailing trips and these take place twice a year with departure spots from any of the port stops along the way. Leaving Florida in May and making stops in Bermuda, the Azores, and Madeira before reaching  European landfall in Lagos Portugal. Trips going west begin in Lagos and make stops in The Canaries Islands, Cabo Verde’s, Martinique, and the Caymans.  

The Monets have lived in Europe for many years and speak English, Swiss German, High German, French and a bit of Spanish. They also hold Swiss citizenship making the European Union there second home. Debra,  teaches English to people on board who would like to combine vacation with an English course. Conversational English is spoken on board as the Sailing Language. She is also the person in charge of the culinary delights on board.  Making a trip with Ambrosia Charters quiet a delight.  

Captain Scotty is a well educated easy going waterman with a Master Diver Padi certificate, who practices an open Sailing atmosphere. If you like to steer or drop the anchor then your hands on, sea going ability can be added to what experience  you may already have. First time Sailors gain the ability to handle the tasks involved in sailing , but no one is forced to do anything except enjoy themselves. Smoking is not allowed on board, so those people who want to quit can do it.

General Terms & Conditions - Trip 2003

We require an original signature for all trip registrations. Print the Registration Form and mail/fax it to Ambrosia Sail & Dive Charters. Please read the following general terms & conditions, before you register for a trip. They are binding on all trip participants. Sailing trips start and end on Saturdays. The vessel must be back at the original departure Harbor on Fridays so that we can make sure you debark on Time.

Good health, over18 years of age (Minor exceptions upon special agreement possible). Reasonably good eyesight. Registration for trips can be for one or two weeks. With your Registration for an Ambrosia sailing trip, you sign on as an active crewmember.

Cost break-down:
The price includes, boat accommodations for one person, food & drinks on board. Price reduction of 25% for students under 25 years old.

Not included are:
The transportation to and from the Harbor of origin or any other harbor during the trip. Cost of damages done by responsible person to anything or anybody on the boat or trip.  Air Fare.

Cancellation Terms:
If a registered passenger cannot attend the planed trip, for any reason, the   full amount of payment is forfeited. The only way for a forfeiting passenger to obtain a refund is to personally find a substitute at least 14 days before departure. Can a sailing or diving trip not take place for any reason, only the full amount of said trips payment will be refunded. All other forms of claim are excluded. The shortening of a trip by three days or less is excluded from any refund. The percentage of refund is based on the days of cancelled trip thereafter. We advise the purchase of vacation insurance. During the course of the year changes to the trip Itinerary can result in destination alteration.

Mileage verification:
Upon completion of active participation in the navigation and seamanship, a verification of the Mileage is given by the Skipper in form of a signature and stamp in the passengers Logbook.

Claims against the Skipper:
The Skipper / First mate and owners of Ambrosia Charters are exempt form all forms of damage claims, personal or other.

Registration verification / Payment requirements:
Registration is subjected to availability and if said trip is not to taking place or is all ready full then the resistor will be notified within 14 days. Payments can be made by personal checks, money orders or bank / postal transfers. A booking payment of 40 % (non-refundable) of the cost of said trip is due no later than 30 days after registration. The balance becoming due 90 days prior to trip starting date. Can this payment schedule not be honored then the reserved spot will be lost.

Registration Form